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My Forward email activation link is not working.

Sometimes something can go wrong during the authentication process that means your profile doesn’t activate as easily as it should.

The authentication process involves the following steps:

  • Enter secure NHS email address
  • Check NHS email inbox for the authentication link
  • Click authentication link confirming your access to your secure, approved email domain
  • Activation of your Forward account
  • Create your Forward profile and link to your chosen hospital

It is almost important to note that the authentication link expires after 24 hours. If this is the case, you need to re-enter your secure email in order to generate a fresh link.

If you find that the app does not bring you to the page to create your profile once you have clicked the link, it may be that you have not enabled notifications. Therefore, if your app does not appear to be responding, we suggest you delete the app and reinstall from the App store, ensuring you click ‘Allow notifications’ when prompted.


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