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How do I use patient profiles?

Patient profiles are designed as an easy method to hold patient demographics, notes and details of tasks related to that individual. They can be shared in message streams for opinions or referrals and are held under patients which can be selected by the homepage.


How can patient profiles be used?

Patient profiles can be used in whatever way you and your team find useful. An example use case for ward-based health professionals is to keep a digitised patient list which can improve handover and shared care scenarios. We have also found the patient profiles to be of particular benefit in multidisciplinary teams where all disciplines and aspects of each patient’s care can be updated in real time.

📌 From the app home page, follow these steps to create a patient profile:

  1. Click the green + button in the bottom right hand corner
  2. Click ‘New patient’
  3. Use the scan QR code function to input the patient demographic from their plastic wristband
  4. Add further details regarding their ward or location
  5. Assign the patient to the team that the patient is under
  6. Update the description on the patient profile with key points

How do I send a patient profile to a colleague?

You can send a patient profile to a colleague by clicking the green + button to the left of the message box and attaching the patient you would like to send.


How do I use the patient profile in my department?

If you would like to discuss how to get the most from the patient profile function then please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team by emailing support@forwardhealth.co When you get in touch, a dedicated Forward team member can tell you about use cases at other hospitals in departments similar to you and how best this function can support your clinical work, giving you your time back to spend more time with your patients, doing the things that matter.


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