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How much does a trust wide license cost?

Trust wide licenses for Forward are priced on a bespoke basis. We always work closely with NHS trusts and hospitals to estimate who in the organisation will gain most value from Forward and rollout in line with departmental interest and clinical engagement. The price is based on a charge per use per month.

Forward is free for all users to download and start using with full functionality. We offer trust licenses so that we can provide organisational features such as:

  • Full audit trail – with every event time and user stamped
  • Hospital-specific data-driven dashboard – giving real-time insights
  • Dedicated account manager to drive clinical engagement, manage users and provide on-boarding support
  • Implementation rollout plan and execution
  • 24/7 support by telephone, email and online support centre
  • Bespoke interoperability development
  • Priority requests for development roadmap

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