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I am having barriers from my department in rolling out Forward.

Forward is a tool that provides a range of functionalities for health professionals. These include:

  • Secure instant messaging for patient identifiable information
  • Hospital directory that can be searched by name or specialty
  • Task management
  • Patient profiles

Different departments find Forward is most valuable in different ways. The Forward team can share use cases from departments across the UK so that you can start to see how Forward can be used on both small and large scales to streamline communications and save health professionals time.

If a colleague is being a barrier to your evaluation, ask them this:

‘Bring Your Own Device’ is the buzz phrase of the moment. At a recent conference, Matthew Swindells discussed the area directly, saying that ‘BYOD’ is where the future of healthcare is headed. Forward is, in many ways, your work phone on your own device.

It means you don’t have to carry two phones, your work communications are separate to your personal ones and most importantly, it means as a community, we can solve one of the largest communication challenges faster.

💡 If you would like our support in discussing a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy in your hospital, just let us know. Remember, 98% of you are using WhatsApp already on your own devices, so it is important to think about how we empower every health professional to see Forward as an opportunity! 🏨

Either your Trust doesn’t have WiFi or it logs out every hour making it difficult to use when busy. Forward uses the same amount of data as WhatsApp or other messaging apps so you shouldn’t see it eating into your allowance.

Alternatives you can look into:

  • University WiFi – if you are working at a teaching hospital, you should look into getting an eduroam account set up.
  • Speak to your Trust – if you are in an area of the hospital where data is poor and WiFi is essential, it is worth speaking to your Trust to see what the options are. If we can provide any support for this, just let us know.

We are always happy to help 👉🏼 support@forwardhealth.co and we can speak further at a time that is convenient for you. 👩🏼‍💻


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