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What are the best use cases for Forward?

Forward is working with clinical teams and departments at NHS trusts across the UK who are looking at Forward in the clinical environment. We have put together a few examples of case studies where Forward works particularly well.

These teams require high volume, instant communication between members in order to function successfully. Therefore, Forward can become the cornerstone of clinical communication in the day to day provision of care.

Example teams include: 

  • Medical inpatient teams
  • Surgical inpatient teams
  • Neurosurgery
  • Interventional Radiology

Example communications can include:

  • Discussing a complex scan or procedure
  • Relaying information securely and quickly to escalate care
  • Ensuring a patient’s discharge is complete

Where has this worked so far?

  • Gastroenterology at Croydon University Hospital – An acute team, of six clinical staff, using Forward to coordinate patient care and clinical decision making using a secure smartphone platform.
  • Consultant in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth “Using Forward to share patient information including photos instantly and securely means members of the team can escalate to seniors for advice promptly, in order to prevent serious incidents and deterioration in patients.”
  • Medical Team at Ealing Hospital, London: Quote from Consultant Physician:We are using Forward for day to day communications. Forward facilitated communications last weekend when I was on call with a sick patient needing frequent communications between the ward SHO and I – much easier than me trying to call them.


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