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What are the best use cases for Forward?

Forward is working with clinical teams and departments at NHS trusts across the UK who are looking at Forward in the clinical environment. We have put together a few examples of case studies where Forward works particularly well.

These teams are widely distributed geographically who work in close collaboration with each other, drawing on diverse skill sets, knowledge and expertise. They need to make frequent decisions & share expertise without multiple phone-call communications. Forward has helped these teams improve their efficiency and deliver better patients care by facilitating fast, reliable group instant messaging.

Example teams include: 

  • Community health teams
  • District nursing teams
  • Teams spanning acute trusts and community work
  • Multidisciplinary teams

The Multiples Midwifery Team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

This team is based in both inpatient and outpatient settings, linking community based teams with psychiatric input, hospital consultants, social care & their colleagues on the labour ward.

Since using Forward as a communication tool for this team, their service delivery has been enhanced and significantly improved by the ability to use secure instant messaging. This has saved time for colleagues, improved speed of decision making and ensured all multi-disciplinary team members can provide expert input. Forward has reduced the number of unnecessary consultant appointments, saving time for health professionals.


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