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What evidence is there that Forward works?

Forward has a multi-faceted approach to user feedback and data that includes:

  1. National QIP involving a range of specialties and hospitals across the UK
  2. User Testing/Simulation Sessions: Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  3. Departmental pre and post-use evaluation data

At Leeds Teaching Hospitals our surveys revealed the following:

  • 11% of staff felt existing communication systems enabled them work to the best of their abilities
  • Clinical staff estimated that they wasted an average of 28.15 minutes per day due to inefficiencies in existing communication systems.
  • The majority of respondents stated that they were happy to use their own smartphone for clinical communication, and believed that Forward could improve their workplace satisfaction and help them to deliver better patient care.

User Feedback from hospitals where Forward has been tested:

  • Forward Saves clinical staff an average of 36 mintues per day
  • 70% said Forward improved their workplace satisfaction
  • 64% said that Forward can enable them to deliver better patient care
  • 91% said that the ability to send clinical photos in a way that is secure (i.e. using Forward) is valuable for their day to day work
  • 79% said Forward is secure (in terms of data security and compliance with information governance)

Testing Forward’s functionality, utility and ultimate value in the clinical setting is an essential and continuous process. We employ focused user groups to test Forward in both simulated and workplace settings, and combine qualitative data on user experience with backend analytics to generate insights into the overall and individual features of the platform.


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