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Secure Messaging

The majority of NHS workers are now relying on instant messengers to share patient information. We have built a product with secure instant messaging at its core.

  • Compliant

    Forward complies with the latest NHS Digital and NHS England guidance on the use of instant messaging in the NHS. It is Cyber Essentials certified and complies with all relevant security standards under the Data Security and Protection (DSP) Toolkit and GDPR.

  • Cloud Storage

    All data is stored in the cloud on our ISO certified servers and not on your device. Forward is PIN protected, meaning there is a barrier between your personal and work data.

  • Photo Capture & Export

    Take photos using your camera to send via Forward or export directly to your NHS email. No more fiddling around with the hospital cameras, batteries or SD cards.

Forward Health Secure Messaging Communication Illustration

Efficient Collaboration

As a clinician, waiting for switch or a bleep can be a frustrating and lengthy process – and that’s before you’ve done it for the tenth time that shift. With this in mind, we’ve innovated beyond messaging to help you get in touch with exactly who you need, right when you need them.

  • Directory

    Discover and connect instantly with anyone in your Trust, or across the wider region. No more waiting next to the phone for someone to reply.

  • Patient Cards and Task Management

    No more messy scraps of paper or notes on the side of your handover list to manage your workflow. Patient cards allow you to track completed and ongoing tasks, and to attach any files or notes.

  • Teams

    Work within a private or public team on Forward to collaborate with your colleagues throughout your shift. Offer advice and manage consultations on the go, without the need to interrupt your workflow.

Forward Health Secure Messaging Illustration

Work Your Own Way

While we’re busy helping clinicians communicate to deliver the best care, we also care about protecting you from overwork and burnout. With Forward, customise your experience to stay on track while on the job, but switch off for a well deserved break at the end of your shift.💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

  • Unavailability

    Mark yourself as unavailable when you’re off and wave goodbye to annoying badges and notifications, giving you space to breathe when you’re not at work.

  • Improved Satisfaction

    In our pilot studies, clinicians saved approximately 45 minutes per shift using Forward, with 74% reporting improved work satisfaction after switching from outdated communication tools.

  • Keep in Touch on the Go

    Less wrestling for desktops to manage emails, un-prioritised disturbances from pagers and endless waiting on the phone. What are you waiting for?

The word on the ward!

“We have found Forward a be a user-friendly app that helps teams instantly and safely share information to improve delivery of patient care”

Justine Sweet – ENT, audiology, plastics and dermatology general manager, Kingston Hospital

“One of the best organisations I have worked with in 20 years in health tech. The uptake has been steep and quick, and we have seen WhatsApp reduce nearly as quickly which is down to the comfort clinical teams have with Forward.”

Richard Corbridge – Chief Information Officer, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

“Capturing and sharing medical images securely via the Forward app saves users time and protects patient privacy.  Forward proves that smartphones can not only be very useful in our everyday lives, but also in providing outstanding healthcare.”

Marie Lafferty – Lead medical photographer, Kingston Hospital

“For our team, Forward allows us to have a very clear idea about what is going on. Before Forward existed, we would have loved to do this with WhatsApp, but Forward fills a massive gap as it lets us communicate quickly and securely to allow complex and fast decision making for evolving surgical cases. Forward has transformed the way we deliver care.”

James Bedford – Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Wythenshawe Hospital

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