Forward Health

Instant messaging for clinicians


The debate about the use of instant messaging in hospitals has been building, and Forward have been at the forefront of the discussions surrounding instant messaging with the NHS.

We know that up to 98% of clinicians are using WhatsApp at work, on a daily basis. As doctors ourselves, we get it. You’re busy, bleeps are slow and inefficient, landlines are in short supply.

But if you’re going to comply with the new NHS Digital guidance that says WhatsApp is not allowed, you need a great alternative. That’s where we come in!

Forward provides a secure, compliant instant messenger, along with additional workflow tools built specifically for the needs of NHS doctors and nurses.

‘But what makes Forward different?’

We want to take five minutes to explain how using Forward ensures you meet the Do’s, and helps you to avoid the Don’ts.

-To login to Forward users must have a whitelisted email address, NHS or Trust, and we use on two-step verification, clicking on a link sent to that address to confirm your identity

– Forward users must set a separate PIN to enter the app, providing an additional layer of security

– Forward notification banners only show the name of the sender, so there is no risk of patient information appearing on your lock screen

-No data is stored on the device, and if the device is lost or stolen we can provide immediate remote logout

– Forward separates your phone into work vs life – there is no risk of accidentally sending a message to your Mum or your pub quiz team.

-Forward only allows you to view patient data if you have a duty of care for that patient- either you enter the information yourself, or you’re invited to view it by another clinician.

-We take security seriously. We use, as a minimum, AES 256-bit standards for data encryption, in transit and at rest.

Check out our security page forwardhealth.co/security for further details